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Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day And The Working Dog: A Celebration.

Whether it's working military dogs, like in the spectacular photo shown below...

Or Bo Obama guarding his yard, or as it's sometimes called, the White House grounds...

Or even me (and the cat), keeping watch over my backyard from the safety of Parental Unit's bedroom... I'll match wits with Bo anytime!

We think that working dogs should be given a special round of applause on this Labor Day, a day when, as a nation, we set aside time to honor the working women and men of our country. Why? Because we're all working dogs, in a sense. We're all fierce protectors of our loved ones and their property, and we all do a job that we love every day: loving our pet parents, parental units, owners, assistants or whatever you'd like to call those tall humans who take care of us.

And in addition to those jobs, we think it wise that humans make sure that we have additional duties as well, even if it just reaching a calm state before we go on our walks or before we're fed, or fetching the morning paper, or learning tricks, or being trained as a service dog, or...you name it! There are countless duties we will willingly perform to keep our minds and bodies active, and in turn, will keep us happy and healthy.

Although we know that there are certain purebred canines that are specifically designated as "working dogs" because of their, well, breeding of certain traits combined with intensive training, we know that many mixed breeds (plucked from shelters across the country) have been successfully trained as service or other professional working dogs. Check out this list of working breeds compiled by Animal Planet to get more information on the "working" classification. But don't forget us mutts-we're working dogs, too!

We hope you all have a happy and restful Labor Day and take a moment to salute our hard working men, women and canines.


Wyatt said...

My 10 year old Airedale sister, 'Stanzie', works hard at keeping our property vermin free. She deposited one rat, one shrew, a mouse and a couple of wild rabbits at the door just last week. She takes 'garden patrol' VERY seriously!

My job, is to just be cute and keep everybody smiling:) Happy Labor Day!


Lorenza said...

Great tribute to all working dogs!
Happy Labor Day!
Kisses and hugs

Bocci said...

Parentl Unit's schnauzer (her first dog when she was a kid) used to proudly bring dead mice and rats to our doorstep-regularly!

Two French Bulldogs said...

yes! To all working dogs
Benny & Lily

Dexter said...

I am in aw of those hard working doggies. I don't know where they find the energy.

I work very hard guarding my estate and that is about all I can manage for sure.


Unknown said...

Those working doggies are simply amazing!

Caroline said...

Great post and super interesting. Romeo and Pug would say they work EXTREMELY hard. xo

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