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The Authors

Joan DeMartin is an adjunct writing instructor at the Columbus College of Art and Design, a widely published freelance writer (Dog Fancy, FIDO Friendly, Cesar's Way, among others), and an attorney who practiced environmental law for 15 years before (at least temporarily), switching to the more genteel professions of teaching and writing. She remains licensed to practice law in the great state of Ohio.

On her third, lucky visit to the local dog shelter in June 2008, Joan locked eyes with a sweet terrier mix who jumped into her arms (and her heart) the minute his cage door was opened. The exuberant pup loves everyone and everything, including her cat Bella (which he refuses to admit), and especially enjoys a rousing game of fetch.

But little did Joan know that Bocci has literary as well as fetching talents...they soon "collaborated" on a humor piece for the magazine, Dog Fancy, titled "Bocci's Beefs" in which he complained bitterly about life with a cat, his failure to catch a squirrel and other sundry gripes about living with humans. Bocci and Joan's combined writing talents made starting a blog a natural fit, and Bocci's Beefs was born in September 2009.

Here's what Bocci has to say about his life as a writer: "I'm just a mutt from the pound with big dreams...dreams of starring in a major motion picture, (O.K., I'd be happy with a dog food commercial), dreams of my book (that I've yet to write) being chosen for Oprah's book club, dreams of being on David Letterman- or at least the Dr. Oz show. But right now, I just want to hobnob with my fellow animals."

And a little bit about Bella: Joan found Bella as a wee kitten in a Walgreen's parking lot one stormy October night in 2004. Joan had no intention of keeping a cat, but all the shelters were full, none of her cat-loving friends would take in another, and well, you get the picture. Bella, by the way, is an occasional contributor to Bocci's Beefs and can usually be found right next to Bocci.
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