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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

"All Dogs Go To Kevin": Review And Giveaway!

We couldn't be more excited to have this opportunity to tell you a little about a wonderful book: All Dogs Go To Kevin,  Everything Three Dogs Taught Me (That I Didn't Learn In Veterinary School), by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, and to give away a copy to one lucky reader. Please know that we have received one hardback copy of this book and one to give away to our winner. We have not been otherwise compensated for writing this post, and rest assured our opinions about All Dogs Go To Kevin have not been swayed by two free copies!

                  See how to enter at the end of this post! 

Parental Unit was lucky enough to chat with the author, Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, on a shuttle from the airport to a BlogPaws Conference a few years ago. She remembers that "Dr. V", (a nickname that her clients who couldn't pronounce "Vogelsang", gave her) was friendly, super smart and funny, qualities that shine through in this charming and witty memoir. O.K. Parental Unit thinks this book is more than "witty"—it's fits into her "wildly funny" category—Dr. V.'s self-depreciating humor coupled with hilarious descriptions of, well, just about everything, make all of her stories a joy to read. How many women do you know compare their dog (who had just emerged from eating a box of powdered sugar) to "Al Pacino after a coke binge in Scarface"? I thought so.

                Here's a picture of Dr. V. and canine friend.

 Dr. V., her husband, their two young children and a series of goofy, lovable dogs let us into their world and demonstrate the importance of family and friends—including the canine variety—in enriching our lives. But you'll also learn about what it takes to get through veterinary school and to practice veterinary medicine in a clinic setting, including the array of clients, both lovable and...well, not so lovable, whose pets she tends with great care.

Dr. V. is also a superb writer, by the way, who's easy-going style draws you right into the action. When she learned that her dog, Emmett, had lymphoma, she stated simply: "We teach our dogs to "stay", but they never do."

Parental Unit particularly loves Dr. V.'s poignant epilogue, where she vows to honor her dogs, past and present by "...striving just a little more to live like they did: with joy, unabashed and open, reminding myself and others that our flaws do not make us less, but ever more worthy of being loved just the way we are." We can learn so much from our pets, and All Dogs Go To Kevin helps show us the joy they bring to our lives, and how we can make sure we give them joy in return.

Dr Vogelsang's current veterinary practice provides in-home hospice care for dogs and cats. She's also  founder of the website Pawcurious.com, and we can't recommend it highly enough. We're thrilled to bring you  the opportunity to win a copy of All Dogs Go To Kevin, by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

                                 Good Luck!

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Does Your Cat Love You?

It's kinda hard to tell, isn't it? But let's just say that my feline sister, Bella, pictured below with Parental Unit just a few days ago, displays most of the classic signs of kitty love with our shared housekeeper cook parental unit.

These top ten signs of feline love, from Care2.com are classics in the humane-feline relationship. And here are just a few that Bella regularly displays: Rolling around and showing her belly (check); head butts galore (check); rubbing Parental Units face and nibbling her hands and nose (check); gifting—she leaves her favorite toy in her shoe or book bag (check)...

But the real question I leave you with is why humans have to try so hard to figure out whether the cats they're slaves to actually "love" them? Why don't those cats  just go berserk with joy every single time they return home, or lick them lavishly and constantly or...
O.K. You tell me!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

  We're patiently waiting for Parental Unit to finish cooking dinner!

In the meantime, we'd like to wish all of our blogging buddies in the good ole' U.S. the happiest  of Thanksgivings. Rest assured that we are incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. Your friendship is our blessing today, and every day throughout the year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop: Cop An "Attitude Of Gratitude"!

Today's BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop is sending gratitude vibes throughout the land on this Thanksgiving eve. Have you embraced an "Attitude of Gratitude" yet? We'd love to hear all about it!

Meanwhile, back at the Ohio ranch, I'm grateful that Parental Unit takes me for walks every single day—even if she doesn't always feel like it. And we get in a good number of day hikes throughout the year, too! For that, I can easily have an attitude of gratitude!

Now on to the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop to see what some of our other blogging buddies are grateful for...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Dogs + Pumpkin = A Happy Thanksgiving For All!

Did you say pumpkin, Parental Unit? With Thanksgiving just days away here in the U.S., we're all going a little pumpkin crazy!
Both my personal cook Parental Unit and I love pumpkin, but neither of us learned until recently how good it is for dogs. Earlier this year, I had some, ahem, digestive troubles and nothing worked, including a special bland diet or withholding food for 24 hours. I thought I'd have to pay a visit to the vet and take antibiotics, but just a few tablespoons of plain pumpkin saved the day!

There are many ways pumpkin can benefit your dogs' health, including the aforementioned digestive troubles (it works like a miracle for both diarrhea and constipation), and even weight loss—you can feed your pooch a bit less of his or her regular food and substitute a tablespoon or so of pumpkin—the fiber helps keep Rover full.

It's important to use pure, cooked pureed pumpkin, not canned pumpkin pie mix, or at the other end of the spectrum, raw pumpkin straight from the, well, pumpkin. In addition to adding plain pumpkin to your dog's diet as a food topper, you can also add it to homemade treats. There are seemingly endless dog biscuit receipes that include pumpkin, but here's one from Rachel Ray that's nice and simple, and something a bit different from the Maryland SPCA that sounds delicious to us. And check out this entire Pinterest  Board full of pumpkin dog treat recipes!

 Keep in mind that Parental Unit has never made me homemade dog biscuits, so she can't vouch for any of these recipes. She vows to try at least once, though, and you'll be the second to see her handiwork (after my taste test!).

How many of you have fed your dog this beautiful orange fruit, either plain or disguised in a biscuit? Please let us know!

P.S. In the next day or so, we'll be bringing you a very special book review and giveaway: Dr. Jessica Vogelsang's charming and witty memoir, "All Dogs Go To Kevin. Everything Three dogs Taught Me (That I Didn't Learn In Veterinary School)" Hint: We loved it!
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