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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop!

Over at BlogPaws, they're in the waning days of Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month, and as always, in full throttle promoting pet bloggers. And don't miss this month's photo contest—you could win a gift basket of goodies from Natural Balance!

Meanwhile, back at the Ohio Ranch, we're enjoying the waning days of fall. It's supposed to turn pretty brisk overnight in our neck of the woods.

                 Did I mention that I've been diggin' in the dirt?

               And ridding my yard of those mangy squirrels?

Now let's all head over to the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop and pay some visits!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Godfather of Military Dogs

Col. Richardson and Red Cross Dogs. Photo courtesy of Foreign Policy magazine.

We never thought we'd read an article in Foreign Policy magazine, let alone tout it on our pet blog, but we stumbled across (as one is want to do on the Internet), this fascinating article about Lt. Col. Edwin Hautenville Richardson, who pioneered and championed the use of dogs in the military during World War I.  Richardson was a British soldier who petitioned his government to allow specially trained dogs in the military—primarily to deliver messages across enemy lines. According to this article, "When Britain declared war in August 1914, it had virtually no dogs on the battlefield."

Col. Richardson led the charge to change that statistic, and one hundred years later, the impact of his passion and training methods lives on. "...Richardson's compassionate treatment of his dogs, as well as his practice of reward-based training—which reinforced good behavior and success with joyful attention and a treat or toy—are the models for dog handling today."

We hope you enjoy this bit of canine history, and perhaps to cheer the spirit of Col. Richardson, give your faithful companion a little job to do...and don't forget the joyful praise or small treat.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dog Park Bullies: How To Protect Your Dog

          Clever illustration courtesy of Modern Dog Magazine

Raise your paw if you regularly take your dog to a dog park. Now raise your other paw if you've encountered a canine "bully" while trying to get a little off-leash time. O.K., about now you look like you're begging...

Now, I'm far from perfect with other dogs, and since Parental Unit knows I occasionally  "put out bad vibes" around large dogs (I've been attacked twice and Parental Unit thinks it's fear-based aggression), she keeps me strictly on the small dog side of our local dog park. But she always keeps a close watch on me and the other dogs I'm hangin' with—no disengaged cell phone conversations for her—she's too busy watching my interactions with the other pooches. I tell her there's nothing to worry about, but you know our philosophy—it's never too late to learn new and maybe even life-saving information.

Enter this excellent article from Modern Dog Magazine about how to recognize and cope with a dog park bully. The idea is to learn the signals of a canine bully (not necessarily bad or misbehaving dogs), and how to nip any suspicious interactions in the bud to prevent a more serious altercation.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Celebrate ASPCA/Rachel Ray's 100K Challenge Winners With Gigantic Giveaway!

The Grand Prize winner of this year's ASPCA Rachel Ray $100K Challenge: The Central California SPCA in Fresno! Let's all put our paws together in a round of applause for this amazing group—and for all of the other winners, too!

The fifth and final ASPCA Rachel Ray 100K Challenge is officially one for the history books. And what a glorious history of saving lives it is! Animal shelters from all over the country work for three months to increase their adoption numbers over the same time the previous year, with the added incentive of a donation of $100,000 to the winning shelter, plus lots of other prizes. This year the combined total of lives saved is a whopping 68,805 in just 90 short days—that's more that twice the increases when the challenge began in 2010. And here's one more figure: In the challenge's five years, the competing shelters saved more than a quarter of a million lives! 

Kudos to both Rachel Ray and the ASPCA for collaborating on this massive effort to find so many shelter animals loving, forever homes! But here's the best part: The extraordinary success of the participating shelters is proof that it can be done. Euthanasia rates can be drastically reduced with collaborative community efforts and lots of hard work. And it can happen at any animal shelter in the world. There are no excuses.

But wait, there's more! To help us celebrate the extraordinary effort and success of the participating shelters, the ASPCA and Rachel Ray have generously donated a very special prize pack that will go to one lucky Bocci's Beefs reader.

Here's what you could win!
·         Commonwealth Plush Pet
·         Rachael Ray Insulated Tote
·         ASPCA Travel Mug
·         Subaru Pop-Up Water Bowl
·         ASPCA PawPrint Bandana
·         ASPCA Pet Flying Disc
·         ASPCA Magnet
·         ASPCA Fleece Blanket
·         Cat Ear Beanie

Please enter via Rafflecopter below. The winner will be announced shortly after the giveaway's closing date of Friday November 7, 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop!

Adopt-A-Ahelter Dog Month is still in full swing over at BlogPaws, and so is their monthly photo contest. Check it out!

Meanwhile, back at the Ohio ranch, there's going to be frost on the pumpkin tonight, so my feline shadow and I are hunkering down...

But first, we're joining the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop to pay some visits!

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