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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Watch This Golden Retriever Do His Own Thing During Obedience Competition

If this retriever's rampage doesn't make you guffaw, and more importantly, put you in the mood for some holiday food indulgences of your own, well, we're dubbing you an early Scrooge.  And don't we all know some human relatives who will join our Thanksgiving and Christmas tables only to bring to mind this spontaneous pooch? Just sayin'...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do You Feed Your Pets Organic?

For that matter, do your humans choose organic products for themselves? In full disclosure, Parental Unit is somewhat of an "aging hippie"—heck, she even worked at a food co-op in college where she could buy her 100% whole wheat flour and nuts in bulk. so she's a "health food nut" from way back. And today, she still chooses organic as often as possible, given a somewhat limited budget. But even she was surprised to learn some of the views about organic foods and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's organic foods label, kindly reproduced in the infographic below by the team effort of Castor & Pollux and BlogPaws. The information was gleaned from polling 350 bloggers and Facebook aficionados.

Let us know whether you favor organic food for yourselves and/or for your pets and why. We'd love to know!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop!

The BlogPaws folks are continuing to spotlight Pet Health Awareness Month through November—check out their info! And since physical activity is so important to overall pet health, this week's mini "theme" is "Go Bike"! How many of you bike with your pet?

Meanwhile, back at the Ohio ranch, we're frozen in place from an early winter blast, like much of the country.

Luckily, we can join the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop and meet new friends without ever braving the weather.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

22 Dogs Die In Arizona Boarding Facility—Owners Indicted

Grieving owners with pictures of their dogs who died at Green Acre Dog Boarding in Gilbert, Arizona.

This New York Times article published just a few days ago, tells an almost unbelievable story—until you know the details. Then the "stunning allegations of neglect" make it clear that the people who boarded their dogs at Green Acre were betrayed. As one grieving pet owner stated:  They struggle with feelings of betrayal, "believing they had taken their beloved pets to a 'doggy Disneyland' only to be locked in a stifling and claustrophobic space. It looked perfect from the outside, but we were deceived from the moment we dropped our dogs off."

The upside of this nightmarish story, if there can be one, is the victims "didn't let this stop" according to the county sheriff. They forced an investigation, even though the couple in charge at the time the dogs died included the 21 year old son of one of Arizona's U.S. Senators, Jeff Flake. The town has held vigils drawing hundreds of mourners, and the two couples: the two owners (who were out-of town at the time of the deaths) and their daughter and her husband (Austin Flake, the Senator's son), have been indicted on multiple felonies relating to animal cruelty.

We thought this story was worth sharing, not for its shock value, but for its educational value. Parental Unit has never boarded me anywhere, and never intends to. Call her paranoid, but she's too afraid of me either escaping or something else terrible happening, like it did in this small town just outside of Phoenix. She's read of fires sweeping through kennels and boarding facilities during the night when no one was staffing the facility, and would worry herself sick over every other possible calamity. Call her a bit crazy, too.

But if you choose to leave your pet in a boarding facility, whether for a day of "doggy day care" or a week or more while you're on vacation, we recommend doing your due diligence—don't just take the staffs' word for things. Know exactly where your dog will sleep, rest and play. Visit the facility several times before you leave your dog there, including at least one unannounced visit. Ask if you can call regularly and have a "pet cam" streamed to your phone so you can see your dog while you're gone. And get references and recommendations from people you know and trust. What could be more important that ensuring a beloved family member will be safe, healthy and happy while you're away?

Let us know if you've ever boarded your dog or cat while away, and what you did to investigate the facility before dropping off your pet. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cat And Kitten Can't Be Parted

Although this video was published a couple of years ago, it's charm hasn't diminished. When two animals (same species or not) want to be together...they find a way!

I assure you, Bella is the one who always insists that she sleep near me. But since I have to put up with this, I might as well get a warm, comfy pillow out of the deal.

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