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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tomorrow is ASPCA's "ID Your Pet Day"...And Gift Pack GiveAway!

We're excited to spread the important news: The ASPCA has created "ID Your Pet Day" — and that's tomorrow, July 1, 2016!  This campaign intends to raise awareness among pet owners that it is incredibly important (and potentially lifesaving!) to have an official ID tag for your pet.

Courtesy of our friends at the ASPCA, we also have an ASPCA Summer Gift Pack to giveaway to one lucky reader! See details at the end of this post about the gift pack and how to enter.

With the July 4th holiday just days away, and its attendant fireworks, backyard barbecues and other outdoor festivities, it's especially important for pet owners to keep careful watch of their beloved pets. But just in case your dog or cat manages to slip through, over or under a fence, or otherwise escapes the security of their home and yard, a personalized ID tag is the best way to increase the likelihood of your pet returning home. So make sure your pet is fitted with a collar and ID Tag, and is microchipped, just in case the collar and ID is somehow lost.

Don't forget to download the ASPCA app to your smart phone to access personalized instructions on how to search for a lost animal in a variety of circumstances. What a wonderful tool to have in an emergency!

And check out this nifty ASPCA infographic to help you ensure your beloved pet will be safe and sound.

Now on to the ASPCA fun summer gift pack giveaway that includes:
·               ASPCA Tote
·               ASPCA Frisbee
·               ASPCA Beach Ball
·               ASPCA Towel
·               Subaru Yoga Mat

Just follow the simple Rafflecopter directions to enter...and good luck to all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop: July 4th Pet Safety!

Our friends at BlogPaws want you to ensure your pets stay safe this July Fourth holiday, so they've shared some tips from PetMD for keeping Fido and Fluffy happy and healthy—check them out!

Meanwhile, back at the Ohio ranch...

I'll be faithfully guarding our backyard all weekend...from the safety of Parental Unit's my bed.

Now on to the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop to visit all of our blogging buddies!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Joining The Black and White Sunday Pet Blog Hop

We thought we'd take it easy today because it's horribly hot and humid in our neck of the woods, but wanted to join up with our friends at the Nola the Dachund's and Sugar the Golden Retriever's Black and White Sunday Pet Hop—thanks as always for hosting, you two!

           Super cool photo of me by Rachel Lauren Photography

Now lets head over to the blog hop and see all the gorgeous black and white photography!

Friday, June 24, 2016

It Was Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Today was a big day, if you're not lucky enough to work mostly from home and have your pooch with you all the time. It was the 18th annual "Take Your Dog To Work Day" , started by Pet Sitters International, to help draw attention to the wonderful companions dogs make and to highlight the need for adoption.

We think it should be more than one day or week when we can bring our dogs to our workplace—maybe not every single day is possible...but most days would be sublime, don't you think?

                Here I am hard at work on Parental Unit's bed...

If you didn't get to have your dog join you at work today, here are some tips from our friends at Dog Time Media to help your dog ease into your work environment for his or her future visits to the office. How many of you brought your dog to work today? We'd love to hear your stories!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It's Summer Time And Your Dog Can...Overheat!

How about some water, Parental Unit?

Today is the first full day of summer in the northern hemisphere, and you know what that brings besides lots of outdoor fun? Yes, both humans and canines can get overheated and possibly suffer heatstroke or hyperthermia. To refresh your memory on prevention, symptoms and emergency measures to take regarding canine overheating and heatstroke, check out this excellent article from PetMD.

And to visualize what happens when a dog overheats, this infographic created by Global Pet Foods,   will help you prepare, prevent and treat a dog nearing or suffering from heatstroke.

Parental Unit was worried about me the other day because I was panting extra hard after a long walk in the park on a particularly hot day. I did have water, so she didn't think it seemed right that I appeared so overheated. But then again, she wasn't wearing a fur coat. I cooled down real quick in the air-conditioning, but she's going to ask the vet just the same.

What do you do to prevent your pooch from overheating in hot weather? We'd love to hear your strategies for keeping Fido cool!
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