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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday's "Living With Your Pet Tips": Unique Ways To Trim Your Pet Care Budget

We think this article by Dr. Karen Becker presents ways you might never have thought of to trim your pet care expenses. Because Dr. Becker is a holistic veterinarian (there's that word "holistic" again!), she takes a body and mind, comprehensive approach to keeping your pets vital and healthy-not just treating them after disease has set in, but minding their wellness from the beginning. And each tip includes "best practices" suggestions to actually accomplish each money-saving suggestion-like how to brush your pets' teeth with an accompanying instructional video.

We hope you find these tips as helpful as we did. We're all trying to cut costs these days, but without compromising our pets' health or daily fun. Enjoy!

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K-Koira said...

Thanks for the article link. It is an interesting read.

Bocci said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

Abel Barrington said...

This really shows that you do care for your dogs. The instructional video is also really practical nowadays.

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