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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Companies That Give Back To Pets In Need

We were perusing Life+ Dog's website and noticed that they allow bloggers to re-post their past articles-what a great way to share interesting and important information! This article, about companies who give back to pets in need, was written by Sharon Castellanos, a longtime member of the BlogPaws Community. So we thought we'd give re-posting a try and hope you enjoy this piece as much as we did.

By the way,  Life+Dog was started by Brett Chisolm, a cool dude that Parental Unit met  at the Blogpaws conferences. Brett and his magazine create and support all types of charitable causes that help dogs - Collars for a Cause is just one example of how this magazine and its staff give back.

Companies That Give Back (via www.lifeanddog.com)
From The Magazine | Sharon Castellanos Tito Beveridge, founder of Tito's Vodka, at the distillery. Photos (c) LIFE+DOG by Brett Chisholm   Would you be more likely to buy from an openly altruistic company than from one that isn’t? Is it important to you as a consumer to do business with companies…


Unknown said...

Ha - just read that same article :) worth re-posting for sure!

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