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Friday, April 19, 2013

Dogs Donating Blood...To Each Other

One of the canine blood donors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's veterinary teaching hospital. Photo courtesy of the University of Wisconsin

This brief story in today's Washington Post surprised us-we just didn't realize that dogs often required blood during surgery or because of anemia or other health problems-or at least had never thought about it. But now we know that there are generous canines who regularly donate blood to help their own.

Apparently, veterinary hospitals across the country have seen a rising demand for canine blood-this "demand has grown along with pet owners' willingness to give a high level of care to their animals." For example, six years ago the the University of Wisconsin's veterinary teaching hospital had three donors, but now "have 22 dogs and cats who give blood regularly."

How about that! Have any of you thought about volunteering your dog or cat as a blood donor? Let us know!


Unknown said...

You know I did see something on some kinda show like 60 minutes or something about this recently but little Max is a super whimp so I don't think he'd be a good candidate but so nice that so many other do it! I'm a big believer in donating my blood like clockwork!

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