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Monday, July 30, 2012

Would You Sneak Your Dog Into A Hotel?

                         Photo courtesy of the LA Times
How many of you travel with your pets? O.K., now's the time to fess up...how many of you have snuck your dog or kitty into a hotel room that didn't otherwise allow pets? According to this LA Times blurb posted just yesterday, 51% of pet owners said they'd bring their four-legged companion on every trip, if they could, and finding lodging that welcomes Fido or Fluffy is crucial to their travel planning. But here's the kicker: 25% of those surveyed claim they'd sneak their dog or cat in anyway. Hmmm...we think that establishments who still don't just allow, but welcome pets with open paws are missing some business!

Let us know if you've ever stuffed your pet into your luggage and walked past the bellman barking or meowing. We'd love to hear your stories!


Winston said...

Thirty years ago, while moving to a different state, I snuck two cats , a parakeet and six kids ( guess I didn't sneak the kids!) into a motel! At the time, it was hard to find a place that would allow pets and I wasn't about to leave them in the car.

K-Koira said...

I wouldn't sneak them into a hotel that doesn't allow pets. I might not tell the hotel how many I have with me, though, if they charge a surcharge per dog (some charge $20 or more PER DOG!). Generally, though, there are enough pet friendly places to stay that are so much easier to deal with. After all, neither of my dogs exactly fits in a purse!

I will admit to having both a cat and a dog in an apartment that didn't allow pets, back in college. I wouldn't do it now, but didn't see a problem with it back then.

Unknown said...

Mom would love to take me with, but when she goes away she is gone for hours and hours and would not be fair to me. So she leaves me at the local pet hotel!


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houndstooth said...

We used to make an annual trip and we always stopped at the same dog friendly hotels. We had it all planned out and it worked well. That is, until one year on our way home when we stopped and found that the hotel had been sold and was part of a different chain. No dogs at all allowed! So, we went across the road to the only other hotel and my husband asked about it, as well as about whether they honored the law enforcement discount. The wonderful young man behind the desk didn't even blink an eye. He smiled at my husband and winked and said that law enforcement dogs stayed for no fee. He knew that we didn't have four law enforcement dogs, but he let us stay anyway, and certainly earned our customer loyalty! So, we didn't sneak our dogs in, technically, but someone else sort of did. We would have paid any fee at that point for a place to rest our heads!

The Daily Pip said...

You know, I don't that I have, but I certainly would!

Sue said...

When we moved from Maryland to Missouri we were in a terrible ice storm. We had three dogs and six birds with us. The roads were closing and it was too dangerous to drive any further, but the only hotel with a vacancy didn't allow pets. We took the last room available and my husband drove the car around to the back of the hotel while I went inside and opened the window. He passed the three dogs and two bird cages to me thru the window.Then we turned Animal Planet on loud on the TV and the next morning sneaked them back out the window again.

Bocci said...

These stories are hilarious! Keep em coming!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Mom says when she was growing up, they took their Schnauzer Fluffy along - if it was a place and/or state did not pawmit pets, they would just sneak her in later - same for taking her out to potty -

They used to snikhker as they read the 'warnings' on the bakhk of the doors in NC - I think NC is still 'funny' about pets -

Their loss!


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