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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday "Living With Your Pet Tips": Antidepressants For Your Pet?

We thought this article posted on VetStreet by Dr. Marty Becker about doggy depression was enlightening-let's just say he wouldn't dismiss the dog parent who claimed their four-legged friend was suffering from  depression. Similarly, he doesn't just think it's "anthropomorphizing" to think your pet is grieving for a lost family member.

And another VetStreet article describes the five reasons a vet might prescribe antidepressants for your dog or cat. No, not really for depression, per se, but rather for "underlying anxieties that can lead to behavior problems." Can you say incessant barking or tail chasing or fence running or kitty urine spraying?

What about you? Have you ever given your pet antidepressants, and for what reasons? We'd love to know!

We are not depressed...or even anxiety-ridden...at least we don't think so!


Pamela said...

I've definitely seen Honey get down. Not enough that I'd consider medication. But when we sent our foster puppy Buster to his new home, both my husband and Honey were down in the dumps for a day or two.

I suspect antidepressant meds for dogs are more straightforward for animals than for people. Depression in people may require a combination of treatments including behavioral therapy. Then again, maybe it's the same for dogs.

Bocci said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Pamela. I watched our cat, Bella, pace the house for weeks, wailing after we lost our elderly dog who was her buddy-our new dog (Bocci) perked her right up!

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