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Friday, April 29, 2011

It's National Hairball Awareness Day!

What an exciting day for us here at Bocci's Beefs! We're thrilled to be one of many cat lovers to participate in National Hairball Awareness Day, along with  its sponsors, FURminator, and Caroline Golon, one of the founders of BlogPaws and author of that fabulous blog, Romeo the Cat.

Hairball Awareness Day

Why do we need a special day to raise awareness of hairballs you ask? Well, here at Bocci's Beefs, we're all about providing information to our readers about important issues involving your pets, and we know that "awareness" of an issue or potential problem is always the first step to solving that problem. It turns out that when cats self-groom, they often swallow most of that excess hair, which can compact in  kitty's stomach, forming a hairball and causing your beloved feline to regurgitate as a means to force out that hairy mass. Even more problematic is that the hairball can potentially block the passage of food in the stomach or become impacted, requiring surgical removal-yuk!

So how do we cat owners prevent this nastiness? We give our cats a little help with their grooming by frequent brushing and what we call "FURminating"-using one of FURminator's many grooming tools to remove copious amounts of kitty's excess hair. You might recall that we did a review of the FURminator for dogs, which we loved! Refresh your memory here if you so desire: boccibeefs.blogspot.com/2010/06/its-furminator-review-and-give-way.html.  

It just so happens that FURminator has recently introduced a line of its grooming products specifically for cats, and as part of our participation in this special day, we received one of these new tools as a gift. Our FURminator Deshedding Tool is a size small, with a blade designed specifically for short-haired cats like our kitty, Bella. And get this: we were also asked to make a "creature" of the excess hair we removed from our cat for inclusion on FURminator's Facebook page and... on People Magazine's pet page! Just click on these links to view all of the fantastic hairball creatures! And read People Magazine
story about this special day right here: www.peoplepets.com/news/cats/happy-national-hairball-awareness-day/1.

Here's the hairball creature we created, "Sal the Squirrel". Can you tell that Parental Unit IS NOT "crafty"?

Although we won't do a full review of this new FURminator cat deshedding tool today, suffice it to say that we think it works miracles, just like FURminator's other deshedding products.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this info. I didn't know anything about the hairballs until I read your post. It's really informative. Thanks again!!!

Pup Fan said...

That hairball art is something else!

TwoSpecialWires said...

That hairball may encourage predator/prey behavior in Jake like nothing else ever has! Do kitties really manufacture those things?

Fergi xx

Maria Matter said...

omgosh, your hairball creature is too funny! great post!
I found you through the Stalker hop, would be honored to have you follow me@
Joyful Stamper!

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