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Sunday, November 22, 2009

We Was Mugged! Vote Now with Your Comments!

Well, it was really just me that was mugged, but Parental Unit #1 acted like she'd been mugged too.
Get this- a 3 legged, white German Shepherd comes hopping up to me in the park today. Of course, I'm on a leash and this dude is not. So as he's approaching, Parental Unit #1 asks his owner if he's "friendly". Now, she always does this and it embarrasses the heck out of me- like I can't take care of myself? And of course, the guy answers, "Oh, he's a real sweatheart" (doesn't everyone say that about their dog, even if they're coming straight from an illegal dog fighting ring and covered in another dog's blood?).
Anyway, this dude starts sniffin me all over and suddenly he freezes up...and then starts growling and lunges at me. Well, Parental Unit yanks me away and screams at the top of her lungs, and I tried to run (that's how I "take care of myself" in a fight). But Mr. 3 Legs keeps coming after me, snarling and snapping - he darned near bit my rear end off!
And I agree with Parental Unit #1,  his owner was a tad slow to get him under control-like why didn't he grab him and put his leash on instead of just calling him-like a near rabid dog is going to come when he's called?
Well, by the time the dust settled and Mr 3 Legs was back on his leash, Parental Unit had burst into tears, was clutching me in her arms, and screaming bloody murder at this guy.  But she still managed to get out an articulate, grammatically correct sentence (she's a writing teacher, you know) - "You have a responsibility to keep your dog under control in a public park, one way or another," she said, all the while spewing tears and snot all over me. The guy just stood there, shaking his head and muttering, "but he's never done anything like this before."

 So what do you think? Should Mr. 3 Legs have been on a leash? Should all dogs have to be on a leash in a public park (unless it's one of those fenced in "dog parks"?)  Did Parental Unit #1 over-react ? Weigh in!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes dogs take a strong dislike to other dogs....maybe Bocci,
you "said" something to 3 legs with your body language or called
him Tripod under your breath. The owner was obviously slow to react, but his dog probably never did act like that. Your parent Way Over Reacted...there's no need for that much drama.

The Daily Pip said...

Good gravy, this sounds scary. Glad you were OK.

Your pal, Pip

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