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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scene Of The Crime(s)

Well, I did it again...got myself in trouble with the Parental Unit. But here's what I think... she just doesn't understand dogs. Let me explain: when I chew up a book, I'm just trying to read it. Remember when your teachers gave you an assignment in school and they said, "Read and digest pages blah, blah, blah, in your text." So that's what I'm doing, although let me tell ya, the easy part is the reading, not the digesting.
And with that remote control for the T.V., I wanted to turn on the T.V., O.K.?  I knew perfectly well that the  "The Dog Whisperer" was on and Parental Unit wasn't home-what was I supposed to do?  And by the way, I was thoughtful enough not to chew through the "Power" button, so the thing still works. Take a look.

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