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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Death By Bath

Did you know that  83% of accidental dog deaths occur at home...and in the bathtub?
I just made that up, but I bet it's almost true.  And if it is, let me tell ya, it's death by humiliation!
Everytime I see Parental Unit #1 cleaning, I know it's soon to be my turn-and I hide. I've tried closets, under the couch, in the pantry, you name it. I've even pretended I was sleeping, but that got me nowheresville.
So I just sit in the tub, all sudsed up, looking (and feeling) like a buffoon. See for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I guess I don't hate my baths as much....I get them so infrequently,
that they feel good and i get treats.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! You are the cutest little boy doggie in the world bar none!

Rinse Ace said...

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