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Monday, November 23, 2009

Literary Debut-Dog Fancy!

Thanks to the kind editors at Dog Fancy who allowed me to publish my first round of "beefs" in their May 2009 issue. Boy that was cool to see my name and picture in a national, (and very well regarded, I'll have you know) magazine. Have a look!  


Mason Dixie said...

Hello there, thanks for stopping by to say hey. I would love to be pals. Congrats on your article.

Bocci said...

Thanks! I'm an official "Follower" on your blog. Keep up the good work, pal!

Ms. ~K said...

We enjoyed our visit to your doggie bloggie!!!
Hugs and Rubs!

Bocci said...

Hi Ms. -K,
My Parental Unit is a teacher too!
See my post of her boring her students to a near coma.
Thanks for stopping by, and when you have time, please tell all your friends!

Duke said...

Hi Bocci,
Thanks for stopping by our blog! We love new friends!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bocci said...

And ditto for visiting mine! Please pass on my blog to your family and friends and try to become a "Follower", too. I love seeing the pictures of my doggie friends just waiting fo me every day when I log on-it's almost like playing in the park with you all (well, not quite!)
I'll visit your blog regualrly-my parental unit is a real fan of terriers!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hi Bocci
Thanks for checking us out. You sure are a cutie
Benny & Lily

Bocci said...

Gee Whiz, thanks Benny and Lily. You almost got me blushin.
Hope you stop back and pass me on to your friends!

Life With Dogs said...

I'm impressed! Do you have your own PR people? ;)

Bocci said...

Naw, I do my own publicity-why let someone else take a cut?
Thanks for stoppin by!

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