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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My First Time...Wearing Clothes?

I've always seen humans putting clothes on before they leave the house (in fact, Parental Unit #1 spends so much time with her outfits and makeup just to take me for a walk, that I've started spinning in circles to pass the time), but I never dreamed that one day my turn would come.
Today, Parental Unit came home all giddy and flapping her jaw to her sister about what I'd be "wearing" to the Dog Parade tomorrow in the park. Well, I heard the word "park" and started to go for my leash, but what happened next was beyond even what I could concoct: She takes out this little jacket and scarf and starts "decorating" me like I'm a Christmas tree or something-putting my paws through the sleeves, fastening the snaps and tying and re-tying the scarf like I was on Project Runway. Then she put a big pair of goggles on my face (which I promptly removed-over and over), and finally declared me ready for the "contest" tomorrow. She said something about Amelia Earhart's dog...?
O.K., I'll put up with this just to make her happy-and because this thing's in the park.( Think I'll win anything with this get-up?)


Anonymous said...

Since Amelia Earhart film is out, you have a chance to win!

Katie said...

Too cute! So this is how dogs think about being costumed and

Jordy boy said...

Thanks for posting the picture I was not able to get to the park to see Bocci!!!! He looked great. I hope he was able to keep the goggles on during the parade.

Bocci said...

Hey Jordy, Nice seeing you today, buddy. Sorry you couldn't make it to see me struttin' my stuff in the park. No, the goggles fell off (O.K., I knocked them off with my paw) just as I got to center stage-maybe that's why I didn't win a thing?!

Unknown said...

I think you look like a movie star bocci!

Unknown said...

Hey Bocci, You might as well get ready for your next dress rehearsal, I hear you are going to be a turkey, gobble, gobble!!!

Bocci said...

Hi Nikki,
I think I look like a movie star too! Thanks!

Bocci said...

No more costumes for me! I'm done!

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