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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stalking the Wild Squirrel

Glorified rats-that's all they are. What is this with humans thinking they're cute? Yeah, they're cute all right, with their little cheeks all fat with nuts, or whatever it is those miserable little things eat. But you know all that stuff they're eating? It will just make them taste better when I finally nab one...
I got so close to one today that I was already dreaming of what I'd serve with it (pan-seared medallions of squirrel napped with a red wine pan juice reduction, sides of steamed haricots verts and sweet potato puree, followed by...) Oops! Sorry-got carried away.

So anyway, here's what happened: Parental Unit lets me "help" her get the morning papers from our front patio- and that's where I caught a glimpse of a bushy tail racing up the fence, trying to make it into the tree. Well, I tore after him, and he got so scared the nut he was carrying flew out of his paws, and he slipped and fell to the brick patio. For a split second, I was in biting distance, but he turned and ran the other way (man they're fast!), but I just kept running and plowed into the gate. Parental Unit  screamed and, I think, almost fainted. So now I can only keep tabs on the patio through the window - with "you know who" right beside me (see picture).


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