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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Your Dog Really Does Remember...

Everything. Really. We both understand and REMEMBER everything you humans say or do in our presence. And here's a bit of information from The New York Times on this subject to prove that I know of what I speak, 'er bark.

                      Fun photo of me by Clark Creative

What I love about this "latest scientific information" is that it confirms what we canines have been snickering about for thousands of years:"Humans don't think we understand them or remember stuff. HaHaHa!".  But all kidding aside, this very recent research demonstrates that dogs remember a lot more than humans ever thought possible and is being used to help human Alzheimer's patients—a win-win outcome!

Do you have any examples of your dog's extraordinary memory you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear your stories!


Duke said...

Of course we remember! You know we love going to the Glenwood for burgers and fries with mom and dad. We start barking blocks before we get there because we know the way!

Bocci said...

We love that! You guys are soooo cool and funny:-) and lucky you get a taste of those burgers and fries!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We definitely remember it all!
Lily & Edward

Sheltie Times said...

8 years later when we went back to get Katy, Bailey was not thrilled to be go back to the shelter that he didn't even stay at but had been cleared through before going to foster. He was refusing to go in the house and that just wasn't his style. He was always happy to go everywhere. It wasn't until Katy was in the car with us that he was calm. He clearly remembered and he was only a tiny puppy when he was there.

Bocci said...

Great story about Bailey! We dogs do NOT forget much...

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Hannah Bailey said...

Your dog’s positive associations with you, your home, and her favorite doggy friends mean that she’s constantly “remembering” your life together, and celebrating the good stuff in it. Even if dogs don’t have fond memories of the past, their recognition of the present is a good reminder to live in the moment and enjoy every experience you have together.

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