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Monday, October 10, 2016

Pet Sitting Problems Keep Owners On Their Toes

Parental Unit is too paranoid (read: prior trauma in this area) to leave us in the care of anyone she hasn't known her entire life...and she rarely does that!

These stories from a recent New York Times blog tell tales of well-meaning pet sitters who had more than a few problems with their charges. Some of the stories are harrowing, and one little pooch who slipped out of his collar is still missing. But most are near disasters that turned out O.K. in the end. Take for example, the doggie day care worker who thinks a dog has escaped from his van...but after much frantic searching, realizes he's never picked up the pooch!

We can learn from these stories, too. It's always best to make sure you feel entirely comfortable with anyone caring for your pets, particularly if they will be walking or transporting them. You can't ask too many questions when your pets' safety is concerned, now can you?

I hope all of you have had only the best of results with your pet sitters, but if you have any stories to share, for good or ill, we'd love to hear them!


Duke said...

We've never had a pet sitter before. Mom and dad take separate vacations so one of them is always home with us.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom practically did an FBI search in our Petsitter
Lily & Edward

Bocci said...

Ha! So Parental Unit isn't the only one who is so..., well, cautious!

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