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Monday, September 12, 2016

September is Disaster Preparedness Month: Have You Prepared For Your Pets?

We can't prepare for a disaster on our own, you know! So what are ya waiting for, Parental Unit?

Yes, we've written about disaster preparedness before, but there's no harm in reminding our readers (and Parental Unit!) of the basics each year. 

Anyway, the good folks at the ASPCA have given us all a gift in the form of loads of information and a specific checklist to help all of us prepare to ensure our beloved pets' safely in case of disaster, whether we must evacuate our homes or stay put with limited utilities and resources. The most important item to remember is that it is now almost always possible to take our pets with us in case we have to evacuate...it's "No Pet Left Behind" these days!

The ASPCA also created this nifty infographic to help put it all together.

What say you? Have you got a family disaster preparedness plan in place that includes your pets? Let us know!


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