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Friday, September 23, 2016

Playing Games With Your Dog Is Fun For Both Of You!

               You do play games with your pooch, don't you?

Over the years, we've written quite a bit about the importance of regularly engaging with your dog through games. It's a great way to interact with your dog and allow him or her to burn off some physical and mental energy.

Speaking only for me, I'm up for any game either Parental Unit or I can come up with, but so far we've stuck with the basics: fetch (inside or outside), tug-o'-war and "nose work-lite" where she hides my treats and I find them. Parental Unit also has what she calls her "terrier game" which she played with her first doggie, a miniature Schnauzer named Benjie. She pretends she's an alien from space (or something like that) and walks toward me with outstretched hands while making a funny whistling noise. (She claims this "alien" is from a Twilight's Zone episode). I start barking and spinning around and trying to play-bite her, exactly the way Benjie did. Believe me, I know this is only a game and I stop when she stops. Please don't try this with an aggressive or powerful breed dog!

Anyhoo, this blog post from The Whole Dog Journal touts the fun both human and canine can have playing "hide and seek". We've never tried this game, but have long heard how much fun it is and Parental Unit vows to try it with me. Her one concern: I might not be interested enough to try to find her!

Let us know what games you play with your dogs, and if you've tried "hide and seek". All stories and tips are welcome!


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