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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Mother's Day Gifts For Pet-Loving Moms

Whether you're a human child or a four-legged one, you really should get a gift for your female parental unit. No, looking cute is not enough!

We think these gift ideas from The New York Times are incredibly creative and are sure to please any pet-loving mom and/or bride. From hand-dyed dog leashes, to modern dog beds for a sophisticated decor, to a wooden weather vane in the dog breed of your choice, these gift ideas run the gamut—and all are unique and (mostly) practical, too. Don't you love that "kitty cave"?

                  Photos courtesy of The New York Times

Let us know what you plan to get your female parental unit this Mother's Day—we'd love to hear your gift ideas! I haven't chosen a present yet, but I can tell ya, my Parental Unit deserves something real nice, and I bet yours does, too.


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