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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mother Cat Adopts...

This video isn't hot off the press, but we think it's worth sharing today, particularly as Mother's Day approaches. Take just one minute to enjoy this sweet cat and her babies.


Tyson Harold said...

Wow amazing video about mother cat. Mother love not as much as necessary forever. Cats build strong bonds with their owners, in particular when they are young. Mother's love is what you cannot reach up to .She is such a sweetheart. All animals know love. Love is not just being pet by humans, love is the feeing they feel for each other. Mother to child, bonded pairs in a herd, etc. animals have all the same emotion we have. Just because they don't show it in ways we be familiar with as human, doesn't mean it's not love. Also, all animals would value loving a human if raised in a domestic way, or loving human handling. That doesn't mean that all animals can be broken, there are natural instincts that make them who they are. But if they are shown love, they understand it. Love is an energy and feeling that crosses all species. Animals are the best. They are our guides, or teachers, our friends, our children, our parents, our companions, our anti-depressants and the lot in between. They can be our reason to live, if we do it right. They are pure of heart, and pure love. What an animal gives you, cannot be gotten from a relationship with any human. I'm mostly alert on cats and the local level, trying to help shelters find homes for forecast, bearing in mind applying for a license to have a TNR cat colony of local feral to care for. We power not value the lives of animals as we value the life of humans but we do care for them to create with. If you ask any farmers who have farm animals in India, they will think these animals as part of their family. Absolutely. The feeling of love serves as an reason to keep groups of animals together, with each one caring for the others, often at the cost of its own good. An easy example, seen all more than the animal kingdom, is the care a mother gives to its children.

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