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Sunday, April 17, 2016

How To Make An Elevated Dog Bed

For all you DIY folks out there, this dog bed project is for you! The two of us, however, prefer resting today...

We think this is an excellent "how to" video that can help even the least handy among us make an elevated dog bed. And you can use this bed for your own pooch, or make them for pets in shelters like Kellie DiFrischia, the founder and director of Columbus Dog Connection does—she's been spreading the good word about how to make these beds to shelters, rescues and volunteers across the country for many years.

By the way, we here at Bocci's Beefs are eternally grateful to Pedigree for their incredibly generous, $1000 donation via our blog, to Columbus Dog Connection! The money went directly to the organization's spay/neuter bus. See all the details of that donation right here: http://www.boccibeefs.com/2011/09/columbus-dog-connection-visit-and.html

Enjoy this short video and do let us know if you make one (or more) of these cool beds!


The Daily Pip said...

Love this picture of you, too. Looks like a great way to spend a Sunday.

I like the dog bed idea - though I'm not sure about drilling through PVC. I'm not very handy and tend to avoid power tools. LOL

KB said...

A wonderful photo of the two of you! And I love the plans for an elevated dog bed :)

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