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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Is Santa here yet?

We know there's lots of ideas out there for keeping your pets safe during the hubbub of the holidays, but these tips from the veterinarian for Halo, Purely for Pets, Dr. Donna Spector, are particularly detailed, yet easy to understand...and to immediately put into practice.

Toxic plants include Poinsettias, Mistletoe and even Lillies—so keep out of your pets' reach...somehow. If you have a live tree, prevent your pets from lapping up that tree water or ingesting needles by putting a playpen around the tree (we're guessing this won't work for cats!). You should also secure your tree to the wall or ceiling in case your pooch or kitty tangles with an ornament. And of course, no tinsel!

Because Parental Unit's home includes both me and the cat, she only decorates her mantle, where neither of us can reach, and hangs ornaments from doorknobs—so unfortunately, her holiday decorating has become half-hearted, at best.

After a read-through of these strategies for pet proofing your home for the holidays, can you think of any other pet safety tips you'd like to add? We'd love to hear them!

Meanwhile, a gentle reminder that our giveaway of one hardback copy of "All Dogs Go To Kevin, Everything Three Dogs Taught Me (That I Didn't Learn In Veterinary School), by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, ends tonight at midnight, so hurry on over and enter—and give a shout-out to your friends, too!


Two French Bulldogs said...

It's so important to know about all of the dangers around the holiday season. Some people just don't even think about it
Lily & Edward

Bocci said...

Yes, it is important to...well, not be oblivious! We don't advocate constant worry, but if you're at least aware of the basic dangers, you can usually avoid them.

Duke said...

You look so cute in your Santa hat, Bocci!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Bocci said...

Thanks Mitch and Molly, Parental Unit loves that picture of me:-)

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