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Monday, November 02, 2015

November Is Big For Pets!

Parental Unit's "This is a serious post" photo.

We know that November is a big month for everyone, at least here in the States, with Thanksgiving right around the corner followed swiftly by the winter holidays. But it's only fitting that we take time away from the hubbub and think about those millions of pets in less fortunate situations than our own.

Take senior pets in shelters: November is dubbed "Adopt a Senior Pet Month" by our good friends at Petfinder.com, and according to statistics, senior pets are typically the last to be adopted and the first to be killed in shelters—their only "crime" one of advancing age.

Check out the plethora of advice that Petfinder provides for adopting a senior pet...and maybe, just maybe, consider making your newest family member an older and wiser pooch or kitty.

November is also National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, now in its fifth year of focusing a much-needed spotlight on pet cancers. According to VPI Pet Insurance, "Cancer is the number one disease-related killer of dogs and cats and claims millions of pets each year. "

Since we're not great at letting you know if we're feeling ill, it's up to you pet parents to learn the warning signs of cancer in your pets.

Check out this list of the top ten pet cancer warning signs compiled by the American Veterinary  Medical Association.

1. Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow
2. Sores that do not heal
3. Weight loss
4. Loss of appetite

5. Bleeding or discharge from any body opening
6. Offensive odor
7. Difficulty eating or swallowing
8. Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina

9. Persistent lameness or stiffness
10. Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating

Let us know if you've adopted a senior pet or treated a pet for cancer. We'd love to hear your stories.


Sheltie Times said...

Sadly Bailey has lymphoma, but so far has outlived his predicted outcome.

I really think we could do well to match senior dogs with some seniors who may want a dog, but aren't sure if they can commit a decade or more to owning one.

My Mom just lost a beloved pet and I've been talking with her about adopting a senior dog because the dog may have some health issues, but you can find one that matches your level of activity. My Mom got so much benefit from having to get out and walk her beloved dog several times a day. Losing that required exercise has been a huge challenge for her.

Shelters can be nervous about seniors looking to adopt. Perhaps this can be a chance for us to talk about the benefits for older humans and older dogs to make matches. There are always risks. Older humans can get sick and lose the ability to care for the animal, but there are also huge benefits to animal and human when it works out. Perhaps all that is required is a care plan if the older human does find he/she is no longer able to care for the dog. What will be the best situation to see the dog is cared for if that happens. In my Mom's case she is looking to work with my brother to find a dog that will suit her and gets along with him so if she goes first, my brother will take on the dog. Sometimes we just need to talk about how to work out the challenges to provide these dogs with homes.

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

This is a very worthy cause and thank you for the cancer tips

Bocci said...

You're very welcome. Adopting senior pets is challenging for many reasons, inlcuding the prospect of higher vet bills. You know, there's always a greater risk of disease as we age. Parental Unit says, from now on, she'll only adopt senior pets, but plans to have lots of money by then:-)

Bailey, so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but happy to hear you're hanging in there. We agree that senior-to-senior match ups are a great idea, and there are spme specific shelters that promote this. And a little planning is all it would take....

Duke said...

Thank you so much for posting the cancer warning signs. Great info!

Ash Green said...

Thank you so much for such an informative piece of information :)
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