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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Soldiers Welcome Puppies From Afghanistan

             Photo of soldiers and pups courtesy of 3Million Dogs.

Sheba was a stray dog that adopted an Army National Guard Unit of American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan—and they soon adopted her. When she had a litter of seven puppies, the soldiers made sure that Sheba and her pups were well taken care of...but the story doesn't end there. The soldiers apparently made a promise to the dogs that they would all find homes in the United States, and the soldiers made good on their promise and greeted the now five and a half month old puppies, along with their mother, at JFK airport. All 8 dogs have found loving homes with each of the six soldiers and their families. Although this heartwarming story is a couple of years old, it remains a testament to  both soldiers and rescue groups all over the world.

Here's a segment from CNN's Anderson Cooper where he interviews one of the soldiers and his pup named Cadence. We hope Cadence is housebroken by now!

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