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Monday, June 29, 2015

Will Your Retirement Lifestyle Include Pets?

                       Are ya takin' us with ya, Parental Unit?

This question is moot for Parental Unit because she simply won't be retiring...due to, ahem, lack of funds. But loads of other, smarter folks will retire soon (think all those baby boomers), and it's not clear that all want pets as part of their lifestyle. Hey, we're costly, time-consuming and present a problem when you take off for parts unknown—at least that's what some folks think.

This recent article in The New York Times shows a divided populace of soon-to-be retirees. Even a longtime ASPCA science advisor, Stephen Zawistowski, says that he and his wife may may try a pet-less post-retirement lifestyle: "The idea that pets are the panacea for stress and loneliness is not necessarily true for everybody," Zawistowski said. For some, it might be painting or playing an instrument..."

We'd love to hear how you feel about having pets in retirement.  If you're not retired yet, do you think you'll have pets in your relaxed golden years? Let us know!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

THIS is a TRUE Story.... Our DAD was already BeTired of working when I (Frankie Furter) came to live here.... butt Mom was still teaching.... and she HATED leaving ME every day... so she BeTired EARLY so she could stay home and LOVE ME every single second of every single day...
PeeS... she loves Ernie Too... butt she BeTired of Working beclaws of ME...

Bocci said...

Thanks for this cool, TRUE Story, Frankie and Ernie! What could be better than both of yoru Parental Units at home?!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom can't wait to be with us full time
Lily & Edward

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