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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do You Feed Your Pets Organic?

For that matter, do your humans choose organic products for themselves? In full disclosure, Parental Unit is somewhat of an "aging hippie"—heck, she even worked at a food co-op in college where she could buy her 100% whole wheat flour and nuts in bulk. so she's a "health food nut" from way back. And today, she still chooses organic as often as possible, given a somewhat limited budget. But even she was surprised to learn some of the views about organic foods and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's organic foods label, kindly reproduced in the infographic below by the team effort of Castor & Pollux and BlogPaws. The information was gleaned from polling 350 bloggers and Facebook aficionados.

Let us know whether you favor organic food for yourselves and/or for your pets and why. We'd love to know!


Duke said...

We are not organic nutty here - not with fruits or veges or meats.

To Dog With Love said...

We DO eat organic! Not 100 percent of the time but for many of my fruits and veggies and for some of Rocco's food too. We love Castor and Pollux!

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