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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sunday's "Living With Your Pet" Tips: Top Summer Safety Advice From The ASPCA

   Fabulous photo of me by John Clark of Clark Creative

The weather is starting to go from pleasantly warm to piping hot, but you still want to make sure your four-legged friend gets enough exercise and outdoor play. What to do? Well, we think it's better to be safe than sorry, and as usual, we've turn to the experts for some summer safety tips for you and your pet. The ASPCA has put together some of their best pet hot weather safety tips to help you and Fido navigate summer unharmed, and hopefully remain in peak condition. These tips also include several links to related topics like proper hydration and how to handle your dog during fireworks season.

We all know by this point not to leave our dogs in a closed car (or even one with the windows cracked), for even a second. But we were surprised to learn that shaving your dog to keep them cool is a "no-no". Not that Parental Unit has ever shaved any of her dogs, but she didn't realize that our fur serves a purpose, and among other things, protects us from sunburn. And she's never had a dog with a light-colored nose that might require a bit of sunscreen for extended outdoor activities.

We hope you enjoy these helpful dog care tips while you're enjoying your Sunday. 


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