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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Orijen's New All Meat Treats: Now On Sale At Chewy.Com!

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to review the latest dog treats available for purchase at our favorite online pet retailer, Chewy.com. We were mailed a small pouch of Orijen's Biologically Appropriate Freeze-Dried Treats, courtesy of our friends at Chewy.com - we chose the "Tundra" version from among eight different flavors. Please note that the opinions that follow are most definitely our own.

Here's the full "Tundra" treats ingredient list: Boneless venison, elk liver, boneless elk, venison liver, boneless quail, steelhead trout.

In this case, when we use the word "flavor", we don't mean what many other human food and pet food labels mean when they use that term, as in "beef flavored" treats. If your scrutinize labels like we do, you'll usually find that there's no real beef (or any other meat for that matter) in the ingredient list-it's typically just an artificial meat flavor.

Orijen only uses locally sourced (their company, Champion Pet Foods is located in Canada) fresh, never frozen meats and fish. These treats are what Orijen calls: Whole Prey-what our carnivore dogs "evolved to thrive on...such as game, fish or fowl."

These treats are bite size-perfect for a quick snack during a walk or for training.

But as we all know, the real test is whether we dogs like our treats-and I'm sure I'm not the only pampered pooch who's turned up his nose at a proffered morsel or two. And true to my carnivore heritage, I love these treats and will do anything for one (or two or three) as you can see from my eager face in these photos...

Parental Unit and I give these treats from Orijen's a enthusiastic two thumbs and four paws up! Check them out now at chewy.com while they're on sale!


Sagira said...

We love Orijen. Sagira, Starr and Tempest are all on it. Bokeh has to eat Fromm b/c the Orijen is too much for his system though. :)

Duke said...

Mom ordered the free range bison last time we placed an order with Mr Chewy and we are still enjoying them! We recommend them highly! yummmmmm

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Unknown said...

Eva loves Orijen and that looks like a very yummy snack for afternoon tea time. Hope we can find the new treats here.

Two French Bulldogs said...

How we love Mr Chewy
Benny & Lily

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