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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Pet Blogger Hop!

There's a "double theme" over at BlogPaws today: BlogPaws conference withdrawal (we know the feeling from previous years!) and fundraising for those critters displaced and hurt by the recent Oklahoma tornado. Check out the BlogPaws "Team Up for Oklahoma donation page and see how you can help!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...This is how we would love to see the people and doggies in Moore, Oklahoma realxing sometime soon.

                             Me guarding the house...

                           And resting on our "Throver"

Why not take a few seconds and join the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Hop, while you're in the area?


meowmeowmans said...

Hi Bocci! You sure are doing a great job of guarding the house (oh, and resting on throver, too)!

Unknown said...

Not sure if I'd be scared to see ya, but I'd sure be ready to pet ya!:)

Bocci said...

I tend to confuse "guarding" with "making friends"!

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