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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop...Plus

Check out this adorable Frenchie father playing (and asserting himself) with his brood.

          Now on to the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

Happy Saturday to everyone-and whadayasay we dogs go hoppin' right away?!
We'll meet at the Old Elm Tree, chase some squirrels, and then visit everyones' blogs together-how does that sound? And we're officially giving up on Timmy! 
Photo by www.rachellaurenphotography.com

Here are just a few, easy-to-follow rules for joining this hop:

__ Use the Linky tool provided to sign up. Note: if your blog is not pet-related it will be removed from the list.

__Follow the three hosts at the top of the list (and while you're at it, follow us-we'd appreciate it!)

__ Peruse these fabulous blogs and follow and comment as you desire.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Week # 57 of "Living with Your Pet" tips gathered for the pet lover in all of us.


Elaine Pritchard said...

Happy Saturday

Daniel said...

Wow, that is really so interesting video...I liked it.

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Unknown said...

Have a happy Saturday Hop, Bocci!

Unknown said...

Ha, love that little black and white one and how he is gonna never give up or be intimidated! Too cute!

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