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Friday, January 25, 2013

Super Dog Sunday Benefits Petfinder Foundation: Is Your Dog Ready To Play Ball?!

                  Do I look ready for Super Dog Sunday?

Do you all know that Super Dog Sunday TM is a charitable event, now in its third year, that benefits the Petfinder Foundation? We're thrilled to be one of the many pet bloggers who make up the "Cheer Team" for this event, that helps spread the good word about pet adoption-yahoo! As you can see from the above picture, we've pawticipated in this event in previous years (I don't usually play with an Official NFL Football). Generous sponsors pay an annual fee to participate, and every penny of that fee is donated to the Petfinder Foundation so they can continue to assist shelters and rescues, and in turn, help  beautiful orphaned animals find forever homes.

So how can you help? Glad you asked! Super Dog Sunday TM is really a photo contest that features great pics of pets (both your pets and adoptable pets on Petfinder.com), that each have a football theme. You can snap a cute pic of your pet playing with a football (see above) or surrounded by football gear, or edit a photo of an adoptable animal using football graphics. See ImageChef.com for free and fun ways to edit your photo submissions.

You can submit your photos by no later than February 3, 2013 to Parental Unit at: jdemarti@columbus.rr.com and I'll post them on a special Pinterest board made just for the occasion. I'll be posting photos starting now, so start snapping and/or editing some adorable photos to benefit this great cause! By the way, for those of you who are gridiron challenged, February 3, 2013 is Super Bowl Sunday!

You can also submit your photos to EventBarkers@gmail.com and all of the pics will be posted on Dog Tipper and All Things Dog Blog. Posting started a few days ago on January 20 and will continue through Super Bowl Sunday. 

We hope you all join in this fun, charity event and as always, many thanks for your support!


Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Hi Bocci and Joan: Thanks so much for this terrific post. I know your readers will look forward to joining in. I bet they'll love the fabulous prize packages for winners that include Toby and Max jewelry, Arenus botanicals, Nature's Logic all natural pet food, Luv and Emma microfiber pet towels, books, a football toy, bandanas and treats. Wowzer for Bowzer!

Two French Bulldogs said...

That's cool. We like Petfinder.
Benny & Lily

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