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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Temporary Home For Sandy's Homeless Animals: The Generous And The Unbelievable

April at her new temporary home: A shelter opened by the ASPCA in Brooklyn. Photo by Victor J. Blue for The New York Times.

Another (mostly) heartwarming, post-Sandy story from New York. With a little monetary boost from dog lover and celebrity chef, Rachel Ray, to the tune of $500,000 (plus tons of her Nutrish Brand Dog Food), the ASPCA was able to set up a temporary shelter in Brooklyn to take in the overflow of those pets left homeless by the ravages of the hurricane. Finally, many of those whose homes were left unlivable after the storm can seek warm, clean shelter and know that their beloved pets will be safe, thanks to the ASPCA. One woman finally agreed to leave her home that had no heat or electricity after she knew that her 2-year-old ferret, Trouble, would be safe.

The troubling aspect of this story: It apparently took "two weeks of negotiations with the warehouse's landlord to agree on a rent of $200,000 a month".  Hoo boy! Although we don't know the exact circumstances of this landlord and his or her insistence on extracting a certain amount of money from the ASPCA, it seems to us that this person could have been a tad more charitable given the circumstances. Don't you?

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Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Thanks for the post. We live on the jersey shore and its a disaster. So many of our friends (and their pets) have lost everything :(

Bocci said...

Hi Amy and Layla,

Sorry to hear that it's still so bad-we didn't know you lived there. Parental Unit's mother was from NY and she still has relatives there and in Jersey, so while we live in Ohio, we feel our connection to you.

As a fellow blogger, if you feel there's anything we can do, please let us know!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Wish you could do more all those poor people and furry kids
Benny & Lily

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