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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday's "Living With Your Pet" Tips": Housebreaking A Puppymill Dog

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We think these strategies from Cesar's Way, specifically designed for housebreaking a dog rescued from a puppy mill, are thoughtful, and with a lot of patience, seem (fairly) easy to accomplish. Sheri Lucas, who wrote these tips, is a dog trainer and rehabilitation expert and operates a humane society called "Second Chance at Love". She also has trained with Cesar Millan for many years.

And it seems that strategies like "closely supervising your dog" and taking him or her outside as soon as you see sniffing and circling behavior, rewarding your pooch after eliminating outside, and maintaining calm, assertive energy throughout the process would work for any puppy or adult dog new to your home, regardless of their past. The article also includes several links with related training tips that we think round out the basics for bringing a new dog into your home.

We hope you find this information helpful...and always remember to have patience with your pets. You know, not all dogs can read and write like I can, so they may need a little extra help to learn even basic commands, especially those with a puppy mill background. Whoever said "patience is a virtue" sure was right!


Unknown said...

My wife and I are planning to have our pet dog be enrolled in a certain perth dog training facility. Any helpful information is very much appreciated.

Unknown said...

Those strategies works very well and I already tried some of it. I remember the time when I gave my sister a dog shampoo for itchy skin because her dog is sick and has lots of ticks. She did some of these strategies and it worked fine.

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