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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mr. Chewy's Shelter And Rescue Network: A Great Idea To Help Animals In Need!

Hear ye, hear ye, all animal rescue organizations! We're thrilled to be able to give a shout-out to Mr. Chewy's Shelter and Rescue Network that we think is one of the greatest ideas since...well, you name it!

The company's (now officially chewy.com) goal is to "create the largest shelter and rescue network designed to support non-profit organizations that help animals in need." Once you register your non-profit organization, you'll have access to all sorts of programs designed especially by Chewy.com to help your organization help animals through donations, fundraising and visibility opportunities (did we mention that Mr. Chewy is master of the social media universe?)

Chewy.com is so dedicated to helping animal organizations, it even has its own charity coordinator, the lovely and savvy Michelle Miller. And here's what she has to say about Chewy.com's Shelter and Rescue Network: 

"For me, the best part about being a part of Chewy.com is meeting the people and hearing the stories behind our Shelter & Rescue Network partners. They're the ones doing the hard work, giving shelter, providing care, and finding homes for animals in need. When you hear as many stories as I do, you realize that they're doing more than giving a cat or dog a place to sleep... they're helping build a family. I'm glad we have the opportunity to come alongside them and help in any way we can."

Here's how Chewy.com's Shelter and Rescue Network works:

1. You register your non-profit, animal shelter or rescue with Chewy.com (Of course, it's free and super easy).

2. Your organization will immediately have access to all kinds of cool stuff, like banners, icons and links to help promote your new partnership with Chewy.com and start funneling donations your way.
For every new customer referred from your organization who registers and orders a product, Chewy.com will donate $20 to your organization!

3. Your organization will receive it's very own "landing page" on Chewy.com's website to welcome your referrers, and will include your logo, name, location and brief description of your organization-cool!
4. You'll have access to all kinds of nifty printed materials, too, like posters, new adopter welcome kits and pamphlets to help promote your partnership with chewy.com and help drive even more referrals (aka donations), to your organization.
5. Chewy.com will help you increase your organizations visibility and social outreach through its hundreds of thousands of social media fans on a national level, and even "geo-target" your audience through e-mail and direct marketing to promote your upcoming events, like special adoption fairs or fundraisers.

And as an extra bonus, when your organization reaches 100 referrals, Chewy.com will issue a press release to both national and local media to further promote your joint partnership! And you know what all this free, expert marketing of your organization does, right? It helps you to achieve your goal to increase pet adoption! 

On this very important day, Be, Blog and Read The Change For Animals, we salute Chewy.com, the Be the Change for Animals organization and all of the animal shelters, rescues and bloggers who work tirelessly to help animals in need. Thank You!


BtC4animals said...

Well isn't this just amazing, Joan! What a brilliant idea! I'm absolutely excited that you chose to share such a wonderful resource for local rescue, in part because I can't wait to register my own Dog House Adoptions! I hope anybody who participates with local organizations spreads the word and signs up.

PS: Will I see you at BarkWorld this month?

Thanks so much for Blogging the Change!

Kim Clune
Director: http://BetheChangeforAnimals.com
Blogger: http://thisonewildlife.com

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD WE love Mr. Chewy.... in FACT... we just ordered another Blue Buffalo Shipment... this very morning. I am PROUD to buy from Mr. Chewy so I can help them support this new PROGRAM. BRAVO Mr. CHEWY.

Kristine said...

I wish Mr. Chewy was available in Canada as well as I'd love to support such a terrific company that prioritises animals and their human families. It's great they have set up a way for animal welfare organizations to reach their communities. I hope it will be a great success for all!

Unknown said...

Mr. Chewy is a hero! We always wish we could have him over here too!

Pup Fan said...

How awesome! Such a cool platform to highlight for Blog the Change. :)

Be the Change for Animals
I Still Want More Puppies

Brent @ Chewy said...

Thanks for the highlight! What a great summary of the rescue program. It isn't easy to manage, we really need help getting the word out that it exists. Tell your favorite rescues and we will do our best to help them raise money & build the awareness of their organizations as well.

See you all at Barkworld! Looking forward to putting a face to all the domains :)

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