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Monday, August 06, 2012

Can Dogs And High-Rise Apartments Co-Exist?

           Photo courtesy of Mother Nature Network and CNN

Although parental Unit has never lived in a "high-rise" building (and hopefully never will!), she knows quite a few New Yorkers for example, who don't have a choice. And when you're both a dog lover and high-rise dweller, problems can ensue-for you, your pooch and your neighbors-some of whom may not love canines as much as you.

So when we came across this recent article posted on CNN's website that discussed some practical ways to keep your dog and your sanity in tow if you both live in a high-rise building, we thought we'd better pass it on. In fact, most of the tips in this article can be used for just about anyone who owns a dog. For example, our neighbors are in very close proximity, and I can assure you they can hear me barking after Parental Unit leaves (she and I are working on that!) So if your dog displays separation anxiety, is scared of loud noises, or has an aversion to strangers in close quarters, take a look at the corrective measures offered in this piece and see what you think.

As always, please let us know your thoughts: Do you live in a high rise building with your dog or in very close proximity to neighbors? Does your beloved pooch display any of the "problems" described above...or others-and what have you done to ease these behaviors? We'd love to know!


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