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Friday, May 04, 2012

Dog News Round-Up: Menus And Memoirs

Illustration by Matt Dorfman, courtesy of  The New York Times
Fine dining for Fido? Yes, and right alongside his human companions, no less. According to this blurb in The Times, The Flint Hill Public House and Country Inn in Virginia has two menus: one for humans and one for their canine companions. The co-owner of the inn says, "We much prefer the European model where dogs often sit at the foot of the table in cafes and restaurants." And we do too! Take a gander at  Flint Hill's luscious (and witty) canine menu: www.flinthillva.com/menus/47-pet-menu

                          Uggie the dog hamming it up.
In more dog news, Uggie, the Jack Russell star of many recent films, most notably The Artist, has decided to publish a "bark all" memoir, due out in October. The human writer Wendy Holden has been retained to translate Uggie's barks into readable prose. We'll try to have a give-a-way of this doggie memoir for you, so keep a long-term lookout. In the meantime, check out our Facebook page in the coming days for a giveaway of a novel we just finished reading, "The Dog That Talked to God"-details on how you can win a copy of this charming book coming soon!


Lorenza said...

Two menus!
That is pawesome they have special menus for humans and doggies!
I am sure Uggie's book is going to be grrrreat!
Kisses and hugs

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