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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Welcome Mr. Chewy... And Yum, Yum, YumZies!

First, we'd like to give a hearty welcome to Mr.Chewy as a new sponsor of Bocci's Beefs! Through our research and recent work with this delightful new online pet retailer, we have come to agree that Mr. Chewy does indeed "deliver pet happiness". How does "he" do this, you ask?  Through his excellent and ever-expanding line of pet food and product offerings, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff (just waiting by their computers and phones to make you and your pet happy), and lightening fast and accurate delivery. We're thrilled to be able to bring you regular product reviews and company updates and goings-on, right here on Bocci's Beefs. And by the way, is that little guy, er, Mr. Chewy, adorable or what?

But let's not tary with such pleasantries any longer...let's get right to our review of YumZies, a new treat for dogs created by Nootie, a company that had it's origins developing fragrant and appealing pet shampoos. After launching a successful line of pet grooming products, Nootie, according to its website,"began looking into other products that could beneift from their dedication to quality ingredients and the love of their pets." And so it came to pass that Nootie launched its latest product, YumZies dog treats, at the 2012 Global Pet Expo.

We were asked by Mr. Chewy, who's recently added YumZies to it's line of dog treats, to try out these  soft morsels, and give you our opinion (I did the tasting and Parental Unit did the scrutinizing of the ingredients and label).

We chose the peanut butter-flavored, mini YumZies because:

1. I like peanut butter, and

2. This smaller, "mini" size is supposed to be "perfect for training" and well, Parental Unit is a hopeful person.

YumZies come in three other flavors: Cheese, Hickory Bacon, and Barbecued Chicken, and each flavor comes in full and mini sizes. And let's just say that the ingredient list passed Parental Unit's strict standards. The first ingredient in all of the flavors is real chicken, followed by pea powder for extra protein and to help with digestion. The treats also contain fish oil, garlic powder and ginger powder, each contributing its own helpful properties, like aiding digestion, maintaining the immune system, fighting arthritis-you get the picture. But truthfully, Parental Unit is more concerned with what these treats don't contain: No wheat, corn, soy, gluten, or other grains of any kind, and no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

But...did I like them? The problem is that the only way to determine if I "like" food or treats of any kind is whether I actually eat them, and I've been known to turn up my nose at a number of prepared dog treats as well as samples of fresh fruit, popcorn, and even pieces of human cookies. And much to Parental Unit's dismay, I even buried a raw, meaty bone rather than pass a few hours gnawing it to clean my teeth.

               Here I am waiting expectantly for my "review".

O.K., give it to me already! (Blurry object in left bottom corner is Parental Unit's hand with treat)

The verdict: I ate several of them during three different "training sessions", which must mean that I like them! There are no funny photos of me inhaling the treats because I tend to take them to other parts of the house to actually eat them-like under the dining room chair or my "man cave' under Parental Unit's bed (so much for that training thing).

Hey, we both enjoyed doing this review of  YumZies, the new dog treats by Nootie, and look forward to bringing you lots more information from Mr. Chewy!


Unknown said...

Peanut butter? You're so lucky!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hey Bocci Buddy... I got some Cheese Flavored YumZees and they were delicious too. I LOVE Mr. Chewy!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the furtastic review!! Mr.chewy is thrilled that you loved the yummy treats as much as he did!! =) We’re very pleased to know that you enjoyed your Mr. Chewy experience.

Please feel free to call, chat or email us if you have any questions or need assistance. Welcome to the Mr.Chewy family!

Lorenza said...

Pawesome review!
Sure you liked them!
Kisses and hugs

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mr. chewy is a great deal
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chewy ROCKS! :D Gotta ask Mom to get some of those YumZies when we place our next order with him. Great review you did Bocci!

Waggin at ya,

Olivia R said...

we luv mr. chewy

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