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Monday, April 02, 2012

A Pet Store And A City Shelter Collaborate On Pet Adoption

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And it's been a win-win-win situation since last fall, when San Francisco's Department of Animal Care and Control partnered with Pet Food Express, a pet food and supply chain that got it's start in San Francisco. The city and the for-profit company teamed up to help place abandoned cats by installing adoption centers in their stores. And now, said Rebecca Katz, head of the City's Animal Control Agency, "It's been incredible. We can barely keep it stocked with cats," In fact, Pet Food Express said that about 1000 cats and kittens have been adopted from their stores since last fall. Now, the company is expanding into harder to place (or less adoptable) cats. They recently brought in kittens with a neurological disorder, and within a few weeks, they were all adopted.

We know that companies and government or non-profit agencies frequently collaborate to spur pet adoption-we just need more communities to see the value in this collaboration-we sure do!

And speaking of helping shelter animals...please don't forget to join us tomorrow night for the "Warm Bellies Initiative" Twitter party-the fun starts at 7:00 pm EST. See the details here: www.boccibeefs.com/2012/03/warm-bellies-initiative-and-twitter.html. We'll look forward to chatting with you all there.


Unknown said...

Hope there are more and more people involved in helping the shelters and the pets!

I'm happy to know that we also have more and more organisations which are trying their best to help the strays lately.

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