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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Easy Like Sunday..."Living with Your Pet" Tips

When we saw this excellent (and very detailed) article by Dr. Karen Becker, one of our favorite holistic veterinarians, on how to treat doggy diarrhea-complete with seven minute video-we thought: "Why, how perfect for a leisurely Sunday morning read, when you're sipping coffee and maybe eating brunch..." 

But the fact is, every dog and dog owner faces this nasty problem-and rather frequently, too. And as Dr. Becker so delicately says, it's not always easy for you parental units to remember how to properly treat this affliction: Do you withhold food and water, or one or the other- but which one and for how long? What causes it? When is it time to see the vet or even the doggy emergency room? And perhaps even more importantly, how can you prevent it-or at least minimize Fido's discomfort and the times you're awakened from a deep sleep so Fido can answer his urgent call in the grass and not on the rug?

Well, worry no more because Dr. Becker explains it all-and in terms that even my Parental Unit can understand. Hey, did you all know that the most common cause of doggy diarrhea is what the good doctor calls "dietary indiscretion"-which is a real nice way of saying we four-leggeds' have eaten something we shouldn't or that's out of our normal dietary routine? Let's just say that I've had more than one bout with this thing called "indiscretion", and it hasn't been pleasant for either me or Parental Unit. The first time it happened, I hadn't been in my new home more than a few days when I stole and promptly ate the entire bag of dog biscuits my vet gave me as a present after my first visit. Can you say, "professional carpet cleaning team?"

We think this information is worthy of posting on your fridge or bookmarking for future reference-enjoy!

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