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Saturday, April 14, 2012

National Hairball Awareness Day!

National Hairball Awareness Day 2012                                         

No, it's not quite here yet, but circle your calendars for Friday April 27, when all heck will break loose, as we join with lots of our friends to call attention to this special day. We've all heard about cats retching up hairballs, but we'll learn how to prevent those nasty packages from even forming, and the day will be packed with hairball-related festivities-so please stay tuned!

In the meantime, we thought we'd show you the gallery of "hairball creatures" that some of us created from  fur that we groomed from our cats - using our FURminator grooming tools. Needless to say, our friends at FURminator are sponsoring this special day (regularly grooming your feline with one of their outstanding tools should help prevent the formation of hairballs), and we were honored to be asked to take part. This year, our task was to use the fur from our groomed kitties to create a "celebrity". Now, don't tell Parental Unit that I'm saying this, but she's the least artistic or "crafty" person around, and she was none too pleased with how her "Fur-Lebrity" turned out...so please try not to make fun of her's! Instead, visit the gallery of the top five Fur-Lebrity creatures and vote for your favorite-the winner will receive a donation to their favorite animal charity, courtesy of FURminator.

Just click on the button below to visit all of the blogs that participated. Have fun!


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