Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easy Like Sunday..."Living with Your Pet" Tips

Today's tips involve both pet and human allergies. Yes, we pets are susceptible to all kinds of allergies, too, and unfortunately, you humans can be allergic! So what are fun-loving, outdoorsy people and their pets supposed to do come springtime? This article from the Huffington Post for tells all-about pet allergies that is-via an interview with a specialist in pet dermatology. It turns out that pets are allergic to the same stuff (airborne allergens if you want to get technical) as humans are, like pollen, trees, grasses, mold, insects, you name it. The article also describes what symptoms mean your pets' allergies are out of control and a visit to the vet is in order: we smell really bad, hair loss, and behavioral changes are the big three symptoms to watch for.

And here are some tips for you humans dealing with allergies to pets, from the Good Morning America veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker, and posted on The one that I don't like is, "Make the bedroom a pet-free zone". Are you kidding? Where would I sleep?

And last, but certainly not least in importance, a little entertainment provided courtesy of Cesar Millan's website. We hope you enjoy these quotes from famous humans about dogs-every one is a gem!

Photo of pooch about to do some serious writing courtesy of Cesar's Way

P.S. Tell us where your pets sleep-we'd love to know!


  1. Those are great tips!
    I have to admit I sleep on the big bed... and if my mom suffers an allergy... she can go find another place to sleep on!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs


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