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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Restaurant Dining With Your Pet...Should You Or Shouldn't You?

Well, that may depend on where you live. But it's certainly good news for dog owners in the Los Angeles area who want to wine and dine with their dogs. LA County pubic health officials announced just yesterday that dogs can now accompany their owners in outdoor dining areas, provided "strict guidelines" are followed.  For instance, the waitstaff can't touch the dogs, and no posing with Fido on the seats, or heaven forbid, the tables. Of course, the restaurant must have a separate entrance for the patio dining area.

Although Parental Unit is a bit of a clean freak, she did enjoy seeing dogs sitting at the feet of the owners in some fine dining establishments in Europe (and watching the waitstaff gracefully step over the snoozing canines while balancing platters laden with food). Although we're not sure about the laws here in Columbus, she has taken me to a few restaurant patios, so it must be legal...

What about in your neck of the woods? Do you enjoy taking your pooch with you when you dine outdoors? Do you think that canines should be allowed inside of restaurants as they are in many parts of Europe? Please let us know-but first check out this video of dogs dining in Italy...salami anyone?


Kolchak Puggle said...

Koly & Fe love to go sit on the patio with us. Lots of restaurants here evn have on patio waterbowls and jars of dog treats. One place even has a doggy menu!

Unknown said...

There are more and more pet friendly restaurants in town over here lately too. Our fur kids are spoilt!

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