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Monday, January 30, 2012

Pit Bull Unscathed After Apartment Fire

Mike Simonelli, a veteran living in New Haven, Connecticut, had a bad weekend in mid-January-on Friday he was involved in a serious car accident, and while recuperating in the hospital, his apartment was destroyed by fire the next day. By an amazing stroke of luck, however, his pit bull, Spooky, survived the blaze by taking refuge in a closet. " All of a sudden, a big pit bull sat up in the middle of the debris," said one of the workers cleaning up after the fire. Spooky was taken to a nearby animal hospital to be checked out and was reunited with two of Simonelli's other pets- a dog and a cat. Two other cats perished in the blaze, but all humans were safely evacuated. Check out this local news coverage of the fire.

And another silver lining: Simonelli's neighborhood association has collected money from neighbors and concerned people from all over the world to help pay both his medical bills and his pets' veterinary bills. Simonelli was released from the hospital on January 27th and was able to pay a visit to his two dogs, Spooky and Mona.  


Duke said...

We remember seeing this on the news so well, Bocci. That animal hospital is the one mom and dad took Maggie to when they helped her cross.

Love ya lots,

The Daily Pip said...

What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing.

Your pal, Pip

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