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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dog Whisperer's Live Tour: Coming To Our Town!

We're excited to let you in on a secret we've been keeping for a few weeks-Parental Unit will have the pleasure of seeing Cesar Millan's live tour this coming Saturday, Febuary 4! As most of you know, Parental Unit has written for Cesar's Way website about the BlogPaws conferences she's attended, and has been a major fan since she read an article in the NewYorker about him, way back in 2006.

So in exchange for two tickets (for her and a friend, not me), she'll be doing some blogging, facebooking and tweeting before, during, and after the program. She's especially looking forward to meeting Cesar after Saturday's show-here's hoping she doesn't faint dead away! With any luck, she'll bring you some great behind-the-scenes photos, and a quote or two from the pack leader himself, that she'll include in a blog post the following day.

From what Parental Unit has read about Millan's live tour, he and his faithful companion, Junior, help the audience understand the difference between a dog trainer (something Millan has never claimed to be) and a pack leader. Remember his tag line: "he rehabilitates dogs and trains people." According to a reporter who saw his show in Providence, Rhode Island, recently, "The audience roared with laughter for most of the night. Who knew the guy, as misunderstood as the hundreds of Pit Bulls and other powerful-breed dogs whose lives he has saved, had such a gift for comedy?" But the comedic anecdotes, "were infused [with] highly-educational lessons on how a human can become a responsible dog lover."

Enjoy this clip from his live show in Westbury, New York, courtesy of Cesar's Way.

If you're interested in attending a show near you, check out his tour schedule here: www.cesarsway.com/news/appearances/Fall-Winter-US-Speaking-Tour-Announced#

Note: Parental Unit asked her contacts at Cesar's Way if she could write about the tour and the Columbus, Ohio, show on her blog, in exchange for the tickets. Everything she already has written about Mr. Millan and what she writes about his live tour are strictly her own ideas and opinions-she will not be compensated in any way, other than the tickets, for writing the blog posts or Facebook and Twitter updates.

We hope you enjoy this "inside scoop" of Cesar Millan's live tour-there's lots more to come!


Donna said...

O hai! I bet that is really fun. :)

Helen P. said...

I'm always so impressed by how he handles dogs. But I think his skills are very hard to transfer because so much of it relies on calm, which a lot of pet owners are short on!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

THAT will be a VERY Exciting Day fur SURE. Can't wait to see how it goes.

Duke said...

That looks like a really fun show to attend! Mom and dad saw Gordon Lightfoot at that same theatre years ago.

Love ya lots,

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

what a fabulous opportunity! Enjoy yourself and can't wait to read about your experience!

Unknown said...

Wow! it sounds that you're going to have lots of fun!


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