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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Roam Giveaway: Deadline Extended!

We thought we'd give you harried shoppers a few extra days to enter our giveaway to win a copy of Roam, that fabulous debut novel by composer Alan Lazar.We'll close the giveaway 48 hours from now at 9:00 pm, Thursday evening, December 15th. Why not enter right now and right here: www.boccibeefs.com/2011/12/roam-were-giving-away-one-copy-of-this.html

After contemplating the matter of giveaways at great length...we thought we'd better add the following explanation.

An open note to "Anonymous" who recently entered this giveaway: You can't enter anonymously. You must follow the rules at the end of the post by signing up for our newsletter and free coupons, following our blog on BOTH Google Friends Connect and Network Blogs, "Liking" our Facebook page, and following us on Twitter. We do understand that everyone has time constraints, especially around the holidays, but we think our method of entering giveaways is much less time consuming and less confusing than the generic forms that are currently in use on many blogs. But please feel free to proffer your opinion on the subject, by commenting on this post or by sending Parental Unit an e-mail.

Many thanks and see you tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!


Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

Question- we don't twitter... tweet... can you tell? Does that mean we can't ever enter any of your contests?

petdoginsurance said...

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Bocci said...

Good question, Of Pit Bulls and Patience! Twitter is the one exception we make, because we know many of our friends don't have an account.

But...we'd greatly appreciate it if you sign up for our e-mail, and follow us on our other two blog sites, and then let us know in your comment that you just don' twitter:-) . We do double check on everyone who's left a comment on a giveaway, just to be fair.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to clarify!

Thanks for asking!

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