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Friday, September 23, 2011

Animal Massage Therapy

Remember my Aunt Renee's dog, Mugsy, the one who got mugged not too long ago? Enjoy that post again here: www.boccibeefs.com/2010/07/mugsy-was-mugged.html

Well, Mugsy got a real treat earlier this summer that we thought we'd share with you. He paid a visit to Jen Streit's business, Hands to Paws Small Animal Massage in Seattle, and got the hands on experience of his life! Here's a bit about what Jen has to say about the benefits of animal massage: 

"Animals benefit from massage in the same way we do. The difference is that they are unable to tell me where they hurt, what area needs work or how the massage feels.  When I work with an animal I ask for a detailed history from the owner, often talk with the veterinarian and pay attention to cues from the animal.  Watching an animal move provides valuable information as to what areas of their body may need special attention."

We think it's important to at least have a basic knowledgeable about the variety of treatments and services available for your pet-so why not explore massage? The Hands to Paws website provides lots of information on animal massage to file away for current or future reference. We also like what Jen says about massage leading to early detection of a variety of health problems-you can do a once-over your pet every time you take out those grooming tools, too!

In the meantime, enjoy these photos, taken by my Aunt Renee, of Mugsy enjoying his very first massage.

That's Jen massaging Mugsy
All Photos by: reneedemartinphotograpyanddesign.com

Exploring a bit...

Mugs entering the zone of relaxation

Have any of you given your pet a massage, professional or otherwise? We'd love to try it!


DawgBlogger said...

I totally agree that it is important to look at ALL treatment options, not just the obvious/easy/usually drug solution.

I am happy to explore anything outside the box. With Jasmine we opted for traditional rather than recommended knee surgery, she got stem cell treatment, she gets physical therapy and chiropractic treatments, she gets TCVM treatments.

There are always options. You won't know which one is best for your dog unless you learn about them all.

Renee DeMartin and Mugs said...

"Yeah, I was certainly relaxed during that massage. Jen is one of the few people who I don't try to nail when she pets me......and she showers me with treats."
This from Mugs the Thug who from time to time does try to nip people
if they dare try to pet him...I am constantly amazed at their reflexes......

Bocci said...

Yes, learning about the various ways that you and your pet can help one another is what Bocci's Beefs is all about:-)

Wyatt said...

Yay for massage! We like like like, nothing like it after a hike hike hike!

Wyatt and Stanzie

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