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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Canine First-Aid Kit: Make Your Own!

We think it's important to share this excellent article, straight from Modern Dog Magazine, that gives you the know-how to put together your dog's very own first-aid kit-for all of those wonderful journeys you'll take together. When we read through the list of must-haves, even Parental Unit and I were surprised by some of the important items that we surely would have forgotten. How about a dog first aid book (the article recommends The First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats by Amy D. Shojai). And don't forget several pairs of latex gloves, plain saline solution and a rectal thermometer (yikes!).

Photo courtesy of Modern Dog Magazine

The article also suggests that the carrier or container you choose for these necessities should be waterproof. And that you should always have extra towels, blankets, an extra leash and kibble, and the ubiquitous flashlight and matches stowed in your car. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't hurt to have all of the  listed items safely stored in your home as well. Enjoy the full article here: www.moderndogmagazine.com/articles/diy-make-your-own-canine-first-aid-kit/4629.

We hope you find these tips as useful as we did... and if you don't already have a dog-specific first aid kit prepared, get to it! Isn't it empowering to be prepared? And please let us know of any other items that you think would be useful to add to this list.

P.S. Keep those guesses and words of wisdom coming on yesterday's Monday Musings post (remember, there's a prize involved this time!). And stay tuned for the announcement of the winner and full explanation tomorrow evening.


Kolchak Puggle said...

Thanks for the great tip Bocci!

Shane Kent Louis said...

this is great! safety first for the doggies like me! ^_^

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Renee DeMartin said...

Uh, they forgot to include a MUZZLE! Many dogs
when in pain might bite and my dog Mugs would bite
for sure!

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