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Monday, August 01, 2011

Bocci's Monday Musings

Since the subtitle of Bocci's Beefs is "One Dog's Musings on Life with Humans and Other Animals", we thought we'd spend at least part of every Monday ruminating about something that happened over the weekend, and let you help us figure out if our thinking on the matter is as "spot on" as we (or at least I) tend to believe it is. Sometimes it takes a village, or in our case, the entire blogosphere, to figure out us pets and humans, don't you think?

Photo of me by Rachel Lauren Photography

So here goes... Late Friday evening, Parental Unit and I (she's going to be in these stories more often than I thought!) decided to attempt a second walk before an impending thunderstorm. Well, about five minutes into our usual 30 minute evening walk, it started pouring buckets. Did we stop and turn around? Noooo! Once Parental Unit starts something, she finishes-so on we trudged, and soon we were both soaked to the skin. Note: I hate water! As we rounded the corner just half a block from our dry home, we see a Pitt Bull without a collar and no human in sight, coming toward us. 

What did we (or should we) have done. Please choose from among the following or make up your own response:

1. I stopped and stiffened, while Parental Unit stopped and screamed hysterically.

2. I dragged Parental Unit towards the Pit Bull, while Parental Unit dragged me back and screamed hysterically.

3. Parental Unit loudly shooed the dog away (by yelling "go" and stomping her drenched feet) and dragged me with her past the obviously scared pooch.

4. I started barking hysterically, while Parental Unit remained calm. Once I calmed down, she let us do the meet and greet thing, and we quietly walked to our door while stray pooch went on his way.

Additional information: Parental Unit did something else once we got home and were both dried off-what was it?

Please let us know in your comment which of the responses you think that Parental Unit and I chose, by picking one of the above numbers or just letting us know a different, perhaps more appropriate response. Don't forget to add what you think we did once we arrived safely home! 
And check back on Wednesday evening when we'll tally the responses and let you know the one most frequently  chosen...and what we really did. We're looking forward to hearing what you think!

Prize: This time, we're giving away to the lucky winner (the person who's answer comes closest to what we really did) will receive a coupon for one free bag of Innova Dog or Cat food. (up to a 6.6 pound bag-value: approximately $17.00! 


meowmeowmans said...

Hopefully, you did #4. That one sounds the best to us, anyway...

Lynda @whitedogblog said...

I had a recent experience like that and we took the yelling and stomping our feet approach ... can't wait to hear what you did!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I agree with meowmeowmans and am also hoping that you did #4...then I think you came home and called the police to report the stray dog.

Rachel Lauren Photography said...

In a situation with a stray dog like that, I always opt to shoo the dog away (because you never know what the dog will do, and with no owner to handle the dog if it decides to attack...it's just best to stay away!)

So, I'm going with #3, and I'm sure once you got home you called the dog warden to report the stray.

Anonymous said...

We think it's number 4 and that the first thing you did when you got home was to get dry !

Unknown said...

I think #3.

The Daily Pip said...

I would say #4 and then you came home called for help for the dog.

Your pal, Pip

Marg said...

I totally agree wit Mr. Pip, Number 4 and you called someone about the lost dog.

Peggy Frezon said...

I think it was #3. We encounter this situation often in my neighborhood and it is very uncomfortable because we do have some aggressive dogs in the neighborhood and some that are treated like guard dogs, not loving family pets. So I can't be sure the loose dog is "safe." What might be a better option, at least what I do anyway, lol, is turn around and change my direction and hope the dog doesn't follow. I might add that my Kelly doesn't always get along with other dogs and she often bristles up and barks at them. When you got home, I think you gave Bocci a cookie (why not?!) and I'll agree with the others, you called dog control so that the loose dog wouldn't get hit by a car.

Vicky said...

I'm thinking option #, followed by checking to see if there were any lost dog reports matching the loose dog.

Vicky said...

Should have said option #3, sorry about that.

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