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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Helping Your Pet Age Gracefully

 Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, shares her tips for promoting the graceful aging of your beloved canine as they cross the seven year threshold, in this excellent article published just a few days ago on AOL Healthy Living.
(Question to self and readers: Why is the word "Pet' in the title, when the article focusses exclusively on dogs?)

Anyway, Dr. Becker discusses five different types of aging ( arthritis, cataracts, constipation, tooth and gum disease, and senility) common in dogs over the age of seven, and what you can do to help support your dog's "health, mental status and quality of life" as he or she ages. Read the full article here: www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-karen-becker/dogs-aging_b_908472.html.

By the way, just in case you're wondering what a "proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian" really means, the note at the end of the article explains that, too!

And speaking of caring for your pets, no matter their age, we wanted to call your attention to a request for help from our dear blogging friend, Asta . Please check out this Facebook page link and see what you can do to help Lola, who's in need of major surgery.


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